What Is Love?

What Is Love?

When it comes to cars, if you ask me, I think love would be coming back to the same thing every time you buy. Like in the picture, you owned a 300ZX, so when the time came you bought a 370Z. And to those who love the car they own, buying the newest version of it is not even a question. Love in an automotive sense almost becomes perpetual. You love what you have, so you go get an newer one just like it! I think that it is like that for many people. Do you remember the first drive you ever took in the car you love? That sensation, the feeling of “this is the one I want” it’s really unlike anything else. I felt that way the first time I dove my Fairlady. One thing is for sure, when you find that feeling, you don’t ever want to let it go. I say trust your feelings. You know it when it’s real. Tell me your story? what was the first drive like in your Nissan? Does thinking about it make you want another one? What stopped you from getting another one? or did you get one? I want to hear your story. Even if it’s not in a Nissan.


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