Lets Talk Wagons

Lets Talk Wagons

So for a moment lets say that you have a larger family, maybe even a dog, but you don’t want and enormous van or SUV. What do you buy? Well more than likely you would look for a wagon. One that will accommodate all your needs fit your family and your pet. Where do you go to look for that wagon? Better yet, Who offers wagons? Ford, Subaru, Mazda, Toyota, Cadillac, Mitsubishi, Volvo, BMW, and even Mercedes. Now that’s a huge section of the auto industry making and selling wagons in the US. But what wagon does Nissan offer? Think about it….. NONE. They offer ZERO wagons to the American consumers. What makes it better still is that they make wagons!! The two wagons pictured above are the Nissan Wingroad, and the Nissan Stagea, two completely viable, sellable, well made wagons that could cover Nissans HUGE production gap of wagons in the US. So then Why on earth do they choose year after year to not offer these wagons here? Anyone know and care to chime in? because I can not figure it out. Personally I’d like to pick the brain of the men that decided that bringing the Wingroad and Stagea was a bad idea, and call them all idiots. Nissan is missing out on a HUGE section of the American market. It’s really a damn shame, and honestly that is just the tip of the iceberg of cars that they don’t sell to the US. I could understand it more if they had no wagons and didn’t see it cost effective to design and develop new ones, but they already have these wagons….in production!!! The Stagea has been in production since 1996 and the Wingroad has been in production since 1982!!! What on earth are they thinking?! They have been building competitively made wagons for 31 years!!! I personally have been coveting the Stagea since it was first produced, and if I have to wait until one is 25 years old before I can import it then so be it, I WILL have one. But I think that Nissan Is really just turning their backs on a huge portion of the public that are looking for Nissans quality to fill the gap! These wagons would likely sell very well here, and I think the least Nissan could do is try. JUST TRY!! See what happens. I think they would be surprised by the warm response cars like the Stagea and Wingroad would receive. I would just pray that they don’t change the name badges on the boat ride over to something ridiculous that the think will “sell better” that’s my two cents on Nissans wagons. What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear them!! lets discuss wagons!!!


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