The Turbo Era

The Turbo Era

As a kid growing up in the 90s I got to see the glory days of the Japanese sports car. All the greats like the Supra, The 3000gt, The RX-7, and Of Course The Z. I used to see them New on the streets with temporary tags, while I was standing on the sidewalk wishing I was old enough to own one. I can still see it when I close my eyes, riding in the back of my parents car as we drove past a local Nissan dealer. We would pass the dealership and I would look out the window and see the 300ZXs gleaming in the front row, just waiting for someone to take them home. I remember lying in bed at night just wishing I could have one, wishing my dad would go buy one and put it away for me until I was old enough to drive. That part was the real pipe dream of a young kid though! I remember the first time I ever saw a Twin Turbo Z in action, I was coming back from my grandfathers house. We were in his Grey Mercury Sable Wagon, it was an ’89. and we were stopped at a traffic light near the Nissan dealer I know this because I was ready at the window to look as we would pass. As we were waiting at the light a Red Twin Turbo Z pulled along side us Wearing a dealer plate, sticker still in the window. The man driving it was obviously on a test drive with the salesman. I remember it now and I could almost see it in slow motion. The light turned green and the back tires started to turn The rear end dropped down lower and the car pulled away, leaving a small trail of tire smoke. My grandfather was less than impressed by this reckless driving, but that memory has stayed with me all my life. I longed for the day when I too would be able to drive my own Twin Turbo Z. That Shining gleaming beauty, that paramount of Japanese power. Maybe that is why out of all the cars I’ve owned in my life, my Z is the one I vowed to keep. I will carry that memory with me all my life. But every time I drive my Z, I feel that memory, and I’m always smiling. That boyhood dream of driving and owning my own Twin Turbo Z came true. It may not seem like a great victory, but sometimes its the small victories that mean the most. If that boy watching that Z drive away and a fury of turbo spool and tire smoke knew what would be waiting for him years from then, I think he would smile too.


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