The Turbo Arms Race

The Turbo Arms Race

The 90s really were the glory days of the Turbocharger. EVERYTHING came with a turbocharger bolted to it, Well anything worth owning really! Everyone was gunning for the number one slot. But time and time again I saw no clearer victor than Nissan. Toyota Stormed the gates with the Mark IV Supra a full 4 years after Nissan released the Z32 300ZX. And Mitsubishi was struggling to keep up with the overly heavy 3000GT VR-4. The only real close contender at the time was Mazda, but the Twin Turbo FDs unique engine platform scared away those who weren’t already enthusiasts or already understood the rotary engine. But not only did Nissan lead the pack with the Z, overseas they were harboring the monster known as the Skyline. A car that generation after generation left the competition at the gates licking their wounds. Even further still, they released a slightly watered down version of their bestselling Silvia to us known as the 240SX, and It was no slouch either! So where other companies were coming to the table with their one good offering. Nissan rolled in and put three incredibly powerful contenders on the table. And every time I turned around they were coming out with new special versions and various trim levels that took owning a Nissan to a whole new level. Any time I would look at another brand, Nissan would roll out with something new that took my breath away. It always seemed like they were trying to beat out the competition in power and speed at every turn. And it wasn’t just the Z and The Skyline either! They had all sorts of fantastic machines in the 90s that just put them light years ahead of everyone else. The Cefiro, The Cedric, the Stagea, the Bluebird, the Silvia/240SX. To me, when you look at it from that perspective, they were bolting turbos to everything and getting speed and power out of everything, while the others were still making average cars. If you ask me, the other brands never really had a prayer. and even after the roaring 90s had passed, when the other brands retired their giants, Nissan refused to stop. And to this day they still make some of the real true Automotive greats. Doesn’t get much better than that.


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