A Love Affair That Will Never End

A Love Affair That Will Never End

I hope to be able to share a wonderful, exciting, inspiring story with you every day, however today I feel that maybe I should post two stories or thoughts with you. I hope this will give some body to my blog here and hopefully bring you all in to read more as well as share more. So in this post, I will ask you to share with me one thing: To you, What is Passion? To me passion is what drives us. Passion is that thing we believe in and hope for beyond all reason. It drives us to create masterpieces, Love others with all of our being, Chase our dreams without a second thought. Nissan for me has been that passion. Sadly I don’t know that my words will ever reach them, but I’ll be damned if that keeps me from writing them. I can’t wait to share my passion with you! But first, please share some of your passion with me and we can share more along the way. If you are here, perhaps you too have a deep love for Nissan and their heritage. Tell me what it is that you love most!! I’ll even say please!


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